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Catholic World Art
Artist, Irene Thomas
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The Daughters of Jerusalem
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The daughters of Jerusalem bewailed Christ as He carried the cross but He told them to cry for themselves instead, and for their children (Lk 23:28). He warned them of a time when people will think women are better off remaining childless.

Clearly, that time is now. Children are no longer seen as a gift, but as a burden. Almost every country on earth today has legalized abortion. God’s blessing in His gift to a pregnant mother is often seen as a curse.
Children carry the stigma of a burden and subsequently, are made to carry heavy burdens themselves.
It is a heavy cross that they carry. Many children are left with no religious instruction, no moral teaching, no feelings of security in a stable family, no good example or worthy heroes to emulate. Rather, they carry lifelong wounds caused by the sins of their selfish parents. Teenagers have no guidance and many are emotionally crushed, forcing them to look to the many available means of escapism. Tragically, the souls of our children are at stake.
For Christian women living today, — a time when the wood is dry (Luke 23:31) — it would be better to show compassion for Jesus by showing compassion for the children they have at home. The Lord Himself said so.
Audio Production & Music by Bettina Cassar

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