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Catholic World Art
Artist, Ira Thomas
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Mission Statement
Responding to Pope John Paul II’s letter to artists, I will nurture the talents God so generously gave me and choose to apply them within the Catholic Church. I will use my art as a means to catechize, specifically in the New Evangelization. I want my paintings to inspire a love for God and a desire for truth.
I will combine painting with writing to invite others to reflect on what is portrayed. My painting will be an act of prayer from which is derived the written message accompanying every painting. Furthermore, the content of my writing will be carefully screened by a Catholic priest for any doctrinal error before being printed.
I will not make use of my artistic freedom at the expense of possible misinterpretation or irreverence. Instead, I will free myself to paint in a variety of styles as the subject dictates, in imitation of the Eternal Father whose creation is so rich in variety.
St John the evangelist and St Ġorġ Preca are my chosen patrons for this work. Of them and of all I ask for prayer that I may remain true to my call; to “Contribute to the needs of the holy ones…” (Rom 12:13). Through this art, may God be praised!           
"The eyes are the windows of the soul."

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