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Catholic World Art
Artist, Irene Thomas
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Unequally Ordered
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The disc in this painting symbolizes God; the Father is the outer, golden ring, the Holy Spirit is the spiral, and Jesus, its center. 
The colored shapes represent humanity. The shapes inside the circle are orchestrated by God to fit together perfectly in the order He arranged.
Each shape is different because we are all different, yet each one contains the same inner circle. For those living in God, this inner circle is golden with God’s presence.
The inner circle is what makes us all equal; equal in our inviolable dignity of having been made in the image of God. Equality is in the soul while our bodies prove to be unequal.
It is blatantly obvious that certain bodies are healthy while others struggle with disease. There are those who are intelligent and others who are dull-witted. Men in general are stronger while women in general are more sensitive. There are those who are athletic or talented and others not so. Some are born in wealth while others in poverty, and the list goes on. When we are born, we do not get to choose our name, our parents, our nationality, our sex, our physique, our face, our temperament, nor the time in history in which we live. We do not even get to choose whether we want to exist at all. Without God, we are nothing.
It is His Divine Will that brought us into being. For the sake of our sanctification, He chose to make us unequal in body. However, He ordained our souls to be equal in dignity. 
If we reject God, we deny our souls and we lose sight of what our equality is truly based on. We try, erroneously, to transfer this innate equality that belongs to the soul onto the body. By refusing God as our Maker, we cast ourselves into the outer darkness.
When, in our body and soul, we co-operate with God, we become part of His well-ordered mosaic. Here, He has lovingly prepared a place for us. Here, He pre-destined us for everlasting joy in His divinity. 
Audio Production & Music by Bettina Cassar

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