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Catholic World Art
Artist, Irene Thomas
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The Visitation
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Jesus in the womb of Mary sanctifies John already six months in the womb of Elizabeth. John was commissioned for a work that only he was meant to do. Eventually, he would leave the comfort of home and go out into the desert to do this work.
The road to the desert is indicated on the left of the painting, while the road from the hillcountry that Mary had travelled, is on the right. 
We each have a mission; some work God has planned for us that only we can do. The hardship is in leaving our comforts behind to do what may be difficult, lonely, tiring, unclear and unappreciated.
Like the patchwork of our lives’ phases that come together and now feel as comfortable as a warm quilt, we may be satisfied where we are. But in accepting our mission, it is imperative that we shed our quilt of comfort. 
When the time of our visitation comes and the Lord sends us to do our work, will we love Him enough to leave all our comforts behind? Or will we negotiate to drag our quilt along with us?

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