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Catholic World Art
Artist, Irene Thomas
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The Baptism of Our Lord
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Jesus is baptized in the Jordan River. John the Baptist steps back, his arms reflected in the water as the Holy Trinity is revealed to him.
Here is a painting of the Trinity, manifesting itself to John, the last prophet, who hears the voice of the Father and sees the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove, descending to rest upon Jesus.
By allotting roughly equal areas of the picture to the Father, (as represented in the open sky above), the Son and the Holy Spirit, I am indicating the equality of the three Divine Persons. The three Persons are one God so it is in the name, not names, of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit that we are baptized.
In our own baptism, meant to be lived out daily, we have been buried in Jesus Christ crucified and have been born again in the Most Holy Trinity.
Audio Production & Music by Bettina Cassar

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