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Catholic World Art
Artist, Irene Thomas
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The Narrow Gate
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All of us, slowly and subtly, are being swept away by the current of today’s culture. We are unconsciously adopting ideas that are contrary to the truth, the way and the life.
Jesus tells us in Mt 7:13-15, to enter by the narrow gate and to walk the difficult pathway that leads to life. He warns us that most people choose the wide gate and easy road but that this leads to destruction.
Before we can choose the narrow gate over the wide gate, we must first find it. The gate is narrow because it tries us and can only be seen by faith; it takes faith to find that entry point. We enter it by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Gate (Jn 10:7). Then, as His true disciples, we must walk the tough road to the end. Jesus is the Way (Jn 14:6).
Ultimately, we risk losing eternal life if we are duped by this wayward culture. Let us rather, apply faith, enter a state of grace through Jesus, and journey with Him to the abundant life. Allowing Jesus to change us is the only way to help change society.
Audio Production & Music by Bettina Cassar

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