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Catholic World Art
Artist, Irene Thomas
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Jesus was laid in a tomb, shut off from the world outside. He resurrected after three days, the entrance rock being rolled aside.
In today’s world with its many cares, society has determined that God is dead and asserts that life will go on without Him. He has been put into the tomb again.
Often, our hearts are like this tomb, with Jesus marking the time to resurrect in our lives. We keep Him entombed by our many cares. We will not allow Him to rise in us because we refuse to let Him roll away the rock …that obstinacy in not replacing our worldly cares with spiritual ones.
If not on the first day which is our childhood, nor on the second day which is our adulthood, may the third day of old age, when we tire of our possessions and are denied physical comfort, be at last the time when a ray of light can enter our entombed hearts.

Audio Production & Music by Bettina Cassar

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